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Sharing Albums

For all your music needs!

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album sharing
Welcome to ShareAlbums


This community is for sharing (music) albums.
Most posts are members only, so join if you want to see them.

You can share your files in a couple of ways; the easiest way is to upload it on yousendit, just go to the website and upload your file. You only have to take step 2. When you have finished uploading there will appear a link that you can copy and paste in an entry.
If you put 'http://anonym.to/?' before 'http://...' on the code for your yousendit then the download is unlimited.
Some people can't use yousendit in which case we suggest sendspace or rapidshare, both of which function in much the same way.
Any downloading site is fine, however (as long as it doesn't spam, or crash your computer, or suchlike.)

The Rules:

This community is primarily for albums only. If you want to post songs, at least try to include an album's worth of them in one post (or one .zip file if you can. I'll admit albums that have a "theme" but don't have all the same artist. Just use your best judgment. And please don't post videos. Go to sharevideos.

Every post has to contain an uploaded album. It's about giving and taking, so don't be greedy; upload something when requesting. However, if you aren't requesting a specific album (just offering to trade, etc) then a specific upload is not needed.

Don't promote your community. It's boring and, quite frankly, looks desperate.

Stealing links from other lj-users to repost them is lame. If you found a great site with uploaded music outside livejournal, we'd love to know, but let us know by posting a link to the site and not only to a musicfile.

Posts which don't follow these rules will be deleted.

Here's an example of a good post:

"Hey, can I please have X's album Y and/or Y's album X? Here's [uploaded album] in return."

And the entirety of a bad post, which I just rejected:

"shocking pinks
does anyone have their album?!?
man they rock....
I can't seem to find anything off them.
i've got some things i can upload"

Some other tips for happy downloading:

Use tags! If you put the bands/artists you've uploaded in the tags it'll be easier to find what you're looking for and uploaded links will be used more, so they stay alive for a longer time.

Say what format your uploaded album is! MP3? M4A? WMA? There are a lot of members who can't play certain formats and there's nothing more annoying than downloading an album only to find out you can't play it.

The RIAA dictates that all music downloaded should be removed after previewing for twenty-four hours. What you do with the music you collect here is your responsibility.

Other communities to share music:


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